About me

My name is Franz Bachler and I'm living in Wieselburg, Austria.
(This nice small town is placed approx. 100 km west of Vienna.)
 E-Mail-Adress 1: fraba (at) gmx.at
 E-Mail-Adress 2: fraba (at) uta1002.at
 E-Mail-Adress 3: fraba (at) telering.at

Information to the E-Mail addresses:
Unfortunately the spam problem increases from year to year. That's the reason why I've inserted my the E-Mail addresses in a form which can't be understand by spam robots and replaced the @-sign by (at). This (at) has nothing to do with the .at - domain in Austrian websites!!!

I'm interested in electronics, science and computers.

My computer was completely assembled by me. And this is the wonderful story that a PC can be used over a lot of years:

First there was a 286-16 bought in 1991. One year later in autumn 1992 I changed the mainboard against a 386-40. And in spring 1996 a 486DX2-66 followed. One year later in spring 1997 the pentium age started for me with a P75. And in June 1998 a P166 on a HX-mainboard followed.

But not the processors and mainboard were changed. The harddisks get more and more bigger and the graphic card is now a PCI-model. It made a lot of fun to build my own computer, more than to buy a complete one. That began at the choice of the components. You are more independent and you can build in used parts too. And you are learning a lot of how a computer works.

And since July 1999 an adapter socket from Madex makes it possible that an AMD K6-2 3D-Now! CPU with 400 MHz is working.

In March 2004 it was successfully possible to tune the Award BIOS:
Thanks to the BIOS-Patcher from www.rom.by from Belarus was it possible to optimize the detection of the processor on the one hand and on the other hand to use now harddisks bigger than 32 gigabytes.

In the year 2003 started in addition a new computer selfconstruction project with the successor of the K6 the AMD Athlon processor.

(Hint: Go with the mouse cursor to my photo!)

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